Get A New Smile For $99/mo.
Without Leaving Your House!

Get A New Smile For $99/mo.
We Drive To You!

Swanky Smiles is Easy, Affordable And People Love It – See What Our Customers Have To Say


What If It Was Easy To Stop Hiding Your Smile?

With Swanky Smiles You Can Measure Your Teeth At Home

You Wear Clear Aligners

We’ll Easily Transform Your Smile In Less Time, Without Embarrassment, For $99/Mo!

We Drive To You or Mail You Impression Kit

The Swanky Experience drives to you, so you can book the perfect time AND location 7 days a week, 15 hours a day. Step inside our state of the art mobile clinic and we’ll transform your smile.

No Missed School/Work

Too Busy? Swanky’s System saves you taking off work or school, without giving up any of the benefits. No more driving across town because we drive to you on your time or we can mail an impression kit to your home!         Compare experiences.

With VIP Privacy

Swanky VIPs get a private experience like nothing in the industry, feeling more Spa than clinic. No lines, no waiting, just you and your awesomeness.

Zero Embarrassment

Swanky Uses clear invisible aligners, which means no embarrassing metal mouth for you when eating, smiling, taking pictures, or any of life’s other big moments.

For $99/mo

With Swanky Deluxe you get our full service treatment, free teeth whitening and $300 worth of retainers starting at $99/mo. We have different plans for different budgets and use the best technology. Compare.

Your Global Top 1% Clear Aligner Orthodontist.

Swanky’s patient treatment is run by a top 1% Invisalign provider, Dr. Chris Freeman, who has treated thousands of amazing smiles.

Dr. Freeman is not only a board certified Orthodontist, he is a speaker on the topics of technology in orthodontics, multidisciplinary treatment of complicated orthodontic problems, and children’s orthodontics. As well as a published author for his research and ideas in Orthodontics.

Join the Future of Orthodontics And Say Goodbye To Smile Insecurities Without Braces!

Swanky uses clear aligners AND we come to you for all appointments – what’s not to love?.

Clear, So You Don’t Advertise To The World ‘I’m wearing braces!’
Removable, For Brushing Your Chompers, Feeding Your Face, Or Just Taking A Break.
Comfortable…So Much More Comfortable Than Painful Metal Braces.

Frequently Asked Questions

We drive to you. We deal with the traffic. No wait times. No inconveniences for you.

Normal orthodontists need to see 80-100 patients a day to pay their large bills, whereas we see one an hour and have no other patients in the clinic. Complete focus on you.

Also invisible aligners are all we do, so we do it at a world class level, while typical practices do less than 20% of invisible aligner cases - mostly on easier cases.

We have one of the world's top clear aligner orthodontists designing the treatment and we only use the best possible materials in clear aligner technology.

You get everything a typical orthodontist provides, plus an incredible premium service with crazy convenience levels.

And you get all of this for less than $100/mo because we don’t have any of the bloated payroll or oversized offices.

A fair price for a premium, world class, service for adults and children.

We don't offer braces because they are gross, painful, and inconvenient. Plus our clear aligner technology has caught up to braces technology, so why use 1990's methods?

Better oral hygiene, you can take it out for life’s special moments (pictures, performances, big kisses) and for life’s regular moments (eating, brushing, playing sports), it doesn’t make your mouth look like a train wreck (choo choo), it moves teeth about twice as fast (oh, but I wanted my braces to take much longer...said nobody ever), and it cuts appointments in half (or more).

It would be rude to offer anything else 🙂

Yes we come to your house or office for appointments. You never have to drive anywhere... just tell us where you need us to be and we’ll meet you there. Jump down to the calendar at the bottom of the page and you can pick a time and location for the Free Swanky Assessment.

Affordable at $99/mo with 0% financing for the first 18 months.

Transparent pricing of $5,990 or just $5,490 if you pay in full upfront.

And on top of that we provide teeth whitening and free retainers...another $500 value.

Plus, patients can use medical savings plans or their insurance (case specific).
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It is honestly impossible to say whether clear aligners is a fit for your personal situation without doing the scans, photos, and review.

That being said, Dr. Freeman and his team of amazing orthodontists can treat as many cases with our clear aligner technology as any specialist in the country, so the odds are ever in your favor.

The vast majority of appointments take place in our mobile clinic, but there may be a time when the visit takes place in your home or office if we only need to scan your teeth or take pictures.

We can finance the full cost of treatment (which is less than you’d typically pay AFTER receiving your insurance benefits at a typical ortho office).

Plus we’ll provide you with the paperwork you need in order to file an insurance claim. Once your claim is approved and processed, you insurance company will mail you a check (or series of checks) which you can then apply to your account balance.

Or you can use your medical savings plan.

There are multiple ways to get to your smile.

Swanky’s patient treatment is run by the top clear aligners provider, Dr. Chris Freeman.

Dr. Freeman is not only a board certified Orthodontist, he is a speaker on the topics of technology in orthodontics, multidisciplinary treatment of complicated orthodontic problems, and children’s orthodontics. As well as published author for his research and ideas in Orthodontics. He is also one of the few orthodontists who has submitted his actual cases to the American Board of Orthodontics and been awarded the title of Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics.

Dr. Freeman personally oversees every smile design that comes through Swanky.

Adios Metal Mouth! With Our Clear Aligners You Can…

Eat Anything

Kiss People

Brush Teeth

Play Sports

Take Pics

Let’s Get Your Smile Back!

Imagine confidently showing your biggest smile. 

No more hiding. No more anxiety.