8 Great Hacks for Life with Clear Aligners

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Wearing clear aligners is a great way to straighten your teeth without the fear of looking funny in classic braces, but that doesn’t mean that clear aligners come without challenges. If you’ve been wearing clear aligners, then you already know some of these pesky little annoyances. What you might not already know, is that we have hacks to make your #alignerlife as flawless as possible! Keep reading for these great hacks for your clear aligners! 

Hack #1 – Your Aligner Case is Your Friend

There’s a reason that your clear aligners come in a case! There will be times when you’re on-the-go and you need to stow your trusty aligners in a safe / clean place. Napkins just won’t do, and other make-shift devices just aren’t going to be the right size. Bring your case with you, even keep a spare. Trust us, it seems like such a simple rule, but we’ve seen way too many people toss their aligners in a Ziplock and -whoops – their clear aligners get thrown away.  

Hack #2 – Matte Lipstick

Wearing clear aligners doesn’t mean that you will need to put your lipstick and lip-glosses to rest – you just need to pivot. Using matte lipstick or gloss allows for the color to set before you put your clear aligners in. This is a great way to avoid smudging color onto your aligners, but allows you to still express your personality! 

Hack #3 – Avoid Colored Candies

We talked about the color smudge that lipstick can potentially leave behind on your clear aligners, but even more dangerous is the long-lasting tint of your strawberry lozenges or blueberry sweets. Not only will sugar-y treats run the risk of caviities taking up residence in your teeth, but colored candies will turn your aligners into a semi-permanent rainbow until your next set arrives.  

Hack #4 – Emergency Dental Fix-it Kit

Be prepared for little emergencies that may happen in your day-to-day. It’s important to care for both your clear aligners and your teeth, so put together a little kit with essentials to keep everything in proper order. This kit could include: floss, toothpaste, toothbrush, mouth rinse, etc. A small kit could live in your bag, backpack or car. 

Hack #5 – Get a Good Nail File

Not just any nail file, but a good sturdy file. Sometimes, the edges on your new clear aligners may take some getting used to. They may feel sharp on your gums while getting used to the new aligner. Fortunately, this is an easy fix. Buying a good nail file will allow you to smooth any pesky edges and allow you to easily transition into your new aligners!  

Hack #6 – See Ya Later, Chewing Gum

No matter what anyone tells you about chewing gum and clear aligners: chewing gum is not your friend. Don’t worry, it is not a forever “goodbye”, but you just need your space. Nothing is quite as annoying as getting gum stuck all over your aligners- no, thank you! 

Hack #7 – Put in New Aligners Before Bed

Switching into your new aligners before you go to sleep is best because it allows your teeth to begin aligning into their new position for a long, uninterrupted amount of time. Makes sense, huh? It’s better to do it this way, rather than the constant removal throughout the day.  

Hack #8 – Show off your smile!

There’s a reason why your aligners are clear – it allows you to smile nonstop! You’re on a journey to beautifully straight teeth, so don’t hesitate to express your excitement and show off that beautiful smile.  

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