Swanky Started With One Question.

What If Orthodontics Was Designed Around You?

Swanky Will Pass Savings On To You.

When you think about it, who does a Doctor’s office actually serve? You or the Dr. and staff? Well those big offices and those big staff cost an awful lot every month. Who do you think pays for that? So we say adios to big locations and staff and hola to an efficient practice built to pass savings along.

Swanky Will Fit Around Your Schedule. Not The Doctor’s.

Swanky was formed because we believe the way typical Orthodontics is done is upside down. It is all about the Doctor’s schedule and when the office decides to be open. But those are some of the worst times possible for you.

So we said what if we were open 7 days a week? And 15 hours a day. Then adults wouldn’t have to drive across town during their jobs. They could do it when it was perfect for them. Hmmm.

Swanky Will Fight Traffic & Waiting Times So You Don’t Have To.

Swanky threw out the traditional playbook and said to our self ‘Self, what if we didn’t make people come to an inconvenient office? What if the office came to them?’. Once we asked that question all hell broke loose. It opened up a world of possibility. Now we could come to your work or home. It would literally be like taking a smoke break. Minus the smoke part.

Swanky Will Only Offer You The Best Lifestyle Technology

Let’s face it. Nobody wants to wear metal braces. That is a gut wrenching last resort. And clear aligners have treated thousands of smiles and is single handedly advancing the orthodontic industry. What if we said ‘No To Metal Mouth’ and yes to aligners that actually fit your lifestyle.

Swanky Will Provide Top 1% Treatment.

Swanky’s patient treatment is run by one of the world’s top clear aligner providers Dr. Chris Freeman. Dr. Freeman is not only a board certified Orthodontist, he is a speaker on the topics of technology in orthodontics, multidisciplinary treatment of complicated orthodontic problems, and children’s orthodontics. As well as a published author for his research and ideas in Orthodontics.

Dr. Freeman has treated thousands of amazing smiles and he personally oversees every smile design that comes through Swanky.