Swanky Is Super Easy.

We Drive To You For All Appointments

You Wear Clear Aligners

Swanky Saves You 13 Precious Hours.

Swanky has revolutionized the Orthodontics experience by shaving off 13 hours from a typical Orthodontic process.

Typical Orthodontic Experience

15.5 Hours Lost Over The Total Treatment*

A typical Orthodontic appointment goes like this…

  • You walk out to your car, during work hours.
  • You feel a little late and rushed and guilty.
  • You drive there through annoying stoplights, ‘Why is this light sooooo long?’
  • You notice idiot drivers ‘What is that guy thinking?’
  • You check in at the front desk and wait while they finish a call.
  • You wait in a room behind others that are more fortunate and early than you.
  • You finally make it to the chair. Yay you.
  • You sit and wait for someone to acknowledge you.
  • You want to look at your phone, but you think someone is going to be helping you any minute.
  • You listen in on other’s boring lives while they have hands jammed in their mouths.
  • You think about all the things you could be doing with your time.
  • You finally see the doctor for 94 seconds, ‘Wait, that’s it?’
  • You are released back into the wild. Yay you.
  • You go to the front desk to check out.
  • You reschedule another visit that is inconvenient for you, but is totally convenient for the doctor.
  • You walk back out to your car… it is either too hot or too cold.
  • You drive back to wherever you started from…’Hey is that the same idiot driver I saw on the way here?’
  • You feel late getting back to whatever you have going on.
  • You park the car, that is now the perfect temperature as you are getting out.
  • You walk back in and get your mind reset on what it is you were actually doing over an hour ago.
  • You realize you are hungry.
  • You think ‘How many more times do I have to do this?’

The Swanky Experience

2.5 Hours Maximized Over The Total Treatment*

After your initial dentist visit every Swanky appointment goes like this…

  • You walk out of your house or office and into our Swanky Mobile Clinic.
  • You get treated immediately and efficiently, because you are the only patient we are seeing
  • You walk back out to your house or office.
  • You immediately think of all the industries that should work this way.

If you’ve ever considered fixing your smile, this is as easy as it gets. Just stroll your lazy bones out of your house or office for a few minutes.