Smiling for Success: 4 Reasons why it’s important to have a healthy smile in the workplace

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4 Reasons why it’s important to have a healthy smile in the workplace

Did you know that caring for your smile contributes to your success in the workplace? Practicing good oral hygiene and daily dental care is actually an investment in your career, creating clear pathways to becoming your most successful self. If you don’t believe us, here are 4 reasons why it’s important to have a healthy smile in the workplace. 

1.Boosts Confidence

Did you know that smiling releases endorphins (“Nature’s Happy Drug”) in your brain? When you feel happy, it automatically raises your self-esteem and your confidence. Smiling also helps you to come across as more personable, attracting more people to you through the positive attitude that you are exuding. The most popular and influential people in most situations are people who genuinely smile at everyone they meet. By smiling at others, it makes them feel better about themselves, and in turn you will feel joy from being able to bestow that feeling.

2. Promotes Teamwork

Smiling is one of the techniques used to promote cooperation in the workplace, and this ability to encourage cooperation amongst teammates is an important leadership quality that businesses are looking for in their potential hires and the individuals that they are seeking to promote. By smiling and building healthy relationships, people will naturally begin to gravitate towards you as a leader and being willing to work with you and replicate the energy you are exuding. 

3. Improves Mood of Others

Energy is contagious, especially in the workplace. Everyone is feeding off of eachother, and it is very easy for someone to take something personally, even if it is a miscommunication, and let it affect their mood and ripple throughout the workplace. One person can determine the vibe in the whole workplace, so why not be the one who raises the mood? A smile is contagious, just as energy is, so walking around with a smile will encourage others to do the same. The ripple effect is so refreshing, especially if it has been a particularly dull or stressful day. 

4. Exudes a Strong Work Ethic

Being the person who is constantly making the effort to smile and exude positivity will indicate the ability you have not only to be a positive morale leader, but it is proven that management interpret a smiling person as one who possesses a strong work ethic and strives to manage their mental health as professionally and efficiently as possible to keep a motivational balance in their lives. 

So how will you choose to contribute to your workplace, knowing that something as simple yet intentional as a smile can shift the entire atmosphere and contribute to your success? Anyone can utilize their smile as a way to influence the world around them – professional world included. If you have the motivation to start smiling your way to success, but perhaps you don’t have the confidence in your smile just yet we have ways to help you! Our team of dentists and orthodontists are nationwide and ready to work around your schedule and come to you (whether at work or at home) and work with you to design a smile that will have the entire office buzzing around you! Confidence is within your reach, especially with our affordable care plans, so stop making excuses and reach out for the confidence you’ve been waiting for! 

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